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Ceremony Audio & Reception Entertainment.
Wedding Ceremony & Reception, most of our wedding clients on the Suncoast spend about $1150.00 for our Ceremony/Reception services. See notes ****
Reception Entertainment Only.
Wedding Reception Only, most of our wedding clients in Suncoast spend about $850.00 for our Reception services.
All events require a written contract and date reservation initial payment of 50% of contract amount to secure the date. See notes****

Ceremony Services Without DJ Package. (1 hour $350)
Ceremony Services – Different Location. (1 hour $350)

Rehearsal Dinner Entertainment. (2 hours $450)
Accent Uplighting. ($35ea Light)

Weekend Availability Limited – 4 Hour Minimum on Saturdays
Party DJ Services ($850)
Up to four hours performance time. Includes one (1) in person music and planning meeting approximately 15 days prior to event day. Includes dance floor lighting.
Party DJ Services ($650)
Up to 4 hours performance time. Includes one (1) in person music and planning meeting approximately 15 days prior to event day. **Minimal lighting included.**
DJ & Photo Booth ($1150)
Photo Booth ($650 print on site)
Photo Booth ($450 link to pics)
Photo booth for 4 hours, includes onsite prints and link to dropbox of photos for you to download.

Karaoke ($250)
Karaoke can be a stand alone or with a DJ package, minimum of two hours as a stand alone. (Setup and booked in advance, cannot be added on night of event.)

Trivia Night ($350)

Trivia, minimum of two hours.
Gameshow Night ($650)
Gameshows are scheduled a minimum of three hours and include from one to five teams in the style of "Family Feud or Jeopardy". Great for corporate training and team building events.

Additional time per half hour and must be discussed and paid in advance.
CEREMONY NOTE:  When we are contracted to provide sound/DJ services for your wedding ceremony the following rule applies: “Due to substantial radio interference overloads caused by mobile devices interfering with wireless microphones and other electronic equipment, all Wedding Ceremony Services will be UNPLUGGED. This means that all mobile phones must be turned off, no tablets or phones used for photography. The photographs during the ceremony are taken EXCLUSIVELY by the Professional Photographers. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule! Join the wedding couple “in the moment” for their solemn ceremony.”
The prices may vary, depending on specific venues or needs, however travel costs, lodging, Per Diem, local licensing and other fees will apply. Call for Details.
**** Wedding/Ceremony packages do cost more due to the amount of time preparing, (40-50 hours), Parties, Anniversaries, and Events prep time (25-30 hours).